Lilac Children’s Garden offers weekly classes inspired by Waldorf education philosophy to homeschooled children ages 5-14.

We are an eclectic homeschooling community with a love of learning and an appreciation for the unique qualities of each member of our community. We welcome families of all faiths (and non-faith) and of all homeschooling styles. Our programs supplement our members’ homeschooling activities by engaging the whole child imaginatively through the arts, handwork, movement, and music while sharing a variety of stories and mythologies that help learning become practical and alive. At the end of the year, each class prepares and performs in a play. Throughout the year, we celebrate the seasons and events as a community.

A unique aspect of Lilac is that the children remain with the same peers as they move up through the “grades”, helping them create long-lasting friendships, and for families to connect with a supportive community of parents and children.

Although we are not a full parent-cooperative, we do rely on parents for their active involvement in our classrooms and community, as well as the organization of our seasonal activities.

We meet from 1-4 on Tuesday afternoons in Rochester, New York, from mid-September through the end of May.